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Write a weekly report for Camila's parents. 

Camila Hurtado

This week, Camila showed a good level of understanding in most sessions, with some fluctuations in Math and English. She actively participated in class, although on some occasions she was chatting with her classmates. I recommend continuing to support Camila with her Math homework and ... 

Lesson Planning

Tailor each Session to every Student, instantly.

Choose your session's content from official standards or bring your own.
Adapted with the press of a button to meet the unique needs of each of your students.
Homework, Worksheets, and Rubrics included.
Lesson Planning

“Amazing! Plaula helps me plan my daily activities in an easy and fast way. The best part is that it shows you the learning objectives you want to work on along with didactic situations, tasks, and activities for students with needs. I can create my schedule with each subject having everything within reach.”

Avatar image of Mariana Chapa
Mariana Chapa
Preschool First Grade Teacher

“As a teacher, I'm always looking for ways to improve my teaching practice. Thanks to this AI-powered platform, I can provide my students with a more personalized and effective learning experience. It's like having an educational assistant at my disposal.”

Avatar image of Aramis Herrera
Aramis Herrera
Professor in Engineering Innovation and Design

“Plaula helps me generate innovative, creative, and complete didactic sequences. This platform allows me to systematically track the learning process of my group with the flexibility needed to adapt to the particular needs of the students.”

Avatar image of Mónica Macías
Mónica Macías
Professor in Pedagogy and Psychology

Class Tracking

Measure more with less time.

Effortless tracking of progress, comprehension, participation, absences, and trends for every class.

Class TrackingClass Tracking
Class Tracking

Student Insights

Track every triumph. Tackle every trial.

Student Diary
All the notes, assesments, and absences in a single place.
Student Diary
Student Analytics
Get a clear picture of a student's performance. Quickly spot trends and anomalies and drill down to a specific session.
Student Analytics
Student Reports
Effortlessly merge diary and assessment data to create insightful reports with a single click.
Peace of Mind

All Student data is encrypted and only decrypted when you access it.

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